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You may have already heard of it, but do you really know what is RTP? Request To Pay, or RTP, is a scheme that aims at standardizing the way companies send payment requests to their customers.

A little background

In 2018, the EPC — European Payments Council — created the Request To Pay working group. This group is responsible for defining the rules of a scheme that allows companies to send payment requests that result in an SCT (inst) transfer.

The creation of this working group is the result of a double desire on the part of the European authorities…

If you regularly buy online, you may have noticed: since April 15, purchases over €100 now require strong authentication. And it’s not over yet, because soon, all payments with no minimum amount will be affected. Initially scheduled for May 15, an additional 4 weeks have been granted in France to allow banks to adapt.

What is SCA?

Strong Customer Authentication, or SCA, is a feature designed to improve the security of online payments. You have probably already experienced it when you were asked to enter a code received by SMS to confirm your online purchase.

The goal is to verify…

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With the constant and many innovations in the automotive industry and the evolution of consumer expectations, service stations are continually being challenged to change and to offer solutions to all needs.

What have been these developments and what could be the next ones?

A little bit of History

You probably don’t know it, but the oldest store that served as a gas station is a German pharmacy located in Wiesloch. In 1888, it distributed petroleum ether.

After the advent of gasoline-powered vehicles and the multiplication of service stations, their number has been greatly reduced in France. Since the 1980s, the…

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You may have already heard about it in an article or seen an example of it in a movie, but biometric payment is no longer a fiction and is about to change our daily lives very soon.

What is Biometric Payment?

That’s actually a good question. Many people have already heard of it and can even give some examples. But what defines biometric payment? It brings together different techniques that allow the recognition and identification of a person thanks to their physical and biological characteristics.

In simple terms, it is a payment method that allows you to make a purchase…

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Whether they were given to you for a birthday, after winning a prize or given to you by your works council, you have already been in possession of a gift card.

They can be physical or dematerialised. They can be used to buy specific products in certain departments or they can give us the freedom to buy whatever we want. Above all they can help companies affected by the health crisis and boost the economy in certain sectors. This is what we will see together in this article.

Health crisis, economic crisis

Since 2020, the whole world has been experiencing…

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Or how Open Payment will simplify the user experience ?

You may not have heard of it yet, but Open Payment is already part of Londoners’ lives since 2014. So what is Open Payment?

Open Payment

Open Payment is a concept that is part of a package called Account Based Ticketing. It refers to a way of using public transportation and traveling without a ticket. Access to these services is no longer anchored in a subscription card or a ticket purchased at a kiosk. …


Today, mobile technologies are more relevant than ever to bring in Store new shopping experiences that are critical to drive customers satisfaction.

A recent study led by SOTI has shown that 70% of French consumers want in-store staff to be equipped with mobile technologies to better support them in their purchases.

The most popular are those that allow the customers to make purchases without going through the checkout zone.

TapOnPhone is one of them.

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If you are not a merchant, and you regularly pay for your purchases by credit card, you may have already wondered why some merchants do not accept this means of payment below a certain amount. If you’re a merchant, you know it’s because of bank commission fees.

What are these fees ?

Indeed, when a customer pays by card an amount of 50€ for example, the merchant will not receive the full amount in the end. The commission paid by the merchant on each transaction is the sum of the following 3 fees:

  • Interchange Fee, which is paid by the…

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On October 7, 2020, the EPI Interim Company was finally created to define all the different aspects of the European Payments Initiative, the future European payment network.

The European Payments Initiative

The European Payments Initiative is the future scheme.

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According to Wavestone about a survey on B-to-B customer relationships, 88% of respondents stated that the customer experience is an indispensable criterion. To go further, 66% of customers won’t hesitate to turn to the competition if customer service is not efficient, according to Accenture. These two statements, among many others, show the importance of customer relationships.

88% of respondents stated that the customer experience is an indispensable criterion.

With the explosion of e-commerce in recent years and the introduction of almost 100% teleworking these last few months, companies have had to strengthen their customer relationships, and to adapt to always…

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